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Wireless, Thanks for the reply. I agree the 200ft run creates a loss. I learned that when I had an extra 100' inline do to the absence of a 12' piece need to connect my test system. I can upgrade 100ft (approx.) of the run to RG11 that runs from the house to the antenna and will be on my final install. The wire within the house walls I have to live with. I might be a bit over on my estimated distance but they are longer than the average install. Part of my plan is to find an antenna configuration the will gather the highest db to help overcome the other unavoidable losses involved. I have been looking at the

on a rotor. Or any not big(giant) uhf/vhf directional on a rotor. My research shows me the average vhf/uhf antenna makes compromises in certain areas of the band to help it do both. If I use a specific vhf plus a uhf antenna will it improve the gain on its specific band areas? The rotor will allow me to adjust to specific towers. I agree the rotor may not be needed but will remove some doubt on best direction compromise.
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