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Tree mount Antenna + more

I am in a quite rural area south of Bend Oregon and on a quest to receive as many OTA signals out there. My report is at 30 feet to reflect the way my current test configuration is mounted. 200 feet coax.

In the late summer early fall I started testing with a cheap 150mile antenna to see if anything was out there.

It encouraged me to invest in a DB8E. The scan brought in more channels.

I installed a Juice preamp.That gave me a couple more except our PB broadcasting station. It is down in the real channel 11 VHF area. I installed a VHF kit and got it.

I tried to hook up a TV in another room and it all went to 1 channel. I installed a Channel Master CM3414-4 way splitter. and that works great.

All of the gains in new channels always had a new few that would vary on usability.

I know elevation is part of my problem now. I am surrounded with Ponderosa trees with a few holes in the direction of the towers. I have the opportunity to have my way with a 65' boom bucket for a week or so. My intention was to mount the antenna to a tree at about 60'. I know there are probably pro and cons on this but I don't have many choices.

While I have the opportunity to make a more permanent home for the antenna this summer I have no problem spending a couple of satellite bills or more for a good VHF and maybe separate UHF antenna and if necessary a rotor. I wont be able to adjust it after it is installed.

Any suggestions are welcome.

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