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Hi Dagwood:

I agree with jrgagne99 above, who is pointing you in the right direction.

As I understand these issues you raise, it's a process of elimination starting with your antenna and preamp up on your roof. Check your connections and replace as necessary, especially since you have the four seasons to contend with. Depending on the age & quality of your stuff including cable, sometimes the weather might have compromised one or more parts of your system especially in the various stages from cold to hot to rain & snow, etc.

Next, disconnect all other branches of your inside system from your LV TV; leave your main LV TV hooked up. If everything checks out OK, then move on to each other TV, one at a time, adding to your splitter/amps; process of elimination again. It's important to try and isolate the issue(s) if they show up at one or more of your TVs downstream, so to speak.

This can be time consuming and tedious, but necessary in trying to find out exactly what's giving you the problem(s). Unless you have a friend who is technically adept at these matters, or can hire someone, you should be able to figure out in a reasonable amount of time what's going on because of your familiarity with your own system. In the end, your TV(s) will tell you if you solved the problem(s) or if it's something outside your equipment, perhaps coming from your market towers or other sources of interference.

Finally, you can check Amazon for small, handheld battery powered TVs. Last time I checked their website, there were some models available. I have a few that I bought several years ago that I use from time to time when issues arise at my location.

I hope this helps a bit. I'm not a Tech, but have learned through trial and error and assistance from the fine Techs here on TV Fool to resolve my issues.

I would be interested in how it turns out for you, so please keep the forum updated. Thanks and all the best.....

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