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Welcome to the world of digital OTA. Do you know the site There is a section on there for OTA TV. To answer your question though, The channel scans missing channels unfortunately does seem to happen. I have an HVR-2200 and a 950q. The 950 seems to be a bit more sensitive and seems to be a bit more accurate when scanning. Luckily in Windows Media Center, you can manually add missing stations. Settings => TV => Guide => Add Missing Channels. You will need to know the digital tv channel, for CKEM its 17.1 and then the frequency tv fool is showing 17 for that as well, however I dont think that is correct. Let me check my notes. Here we go this should help.

CFRN-DT 3.1 Virt 12.1 Real Freq. 12

CBXT-DT 5.1 Virt 42.1 Real Freq. 42

CBXFT-DT 11.1 Virt 47.1 Real Freq. 47

CITV-DT 13.1 Virt 13.1 Real Freq. 13

CKEM-DT 17.1 Virt 17.1 Real Freq 17 (this wasn’t the case before it was like ch 51)

CKES-DT 30.1 Virt 30.1 Real Freq 30

CJEO-DT Virt 56.1 44.1 Real Freq 44

P.S. I thought the scan issues only happened with media center, but it looks like WinTV has the issue too. Could be the sensitivity of the card.

I hope this helps see you at digitalhome

EDIT. Looks like CityTV is mapping back at 51-1 so you may need to try 51.1 with freq. of 51.


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