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Tv antennas and Tv reception

The group of tv stations is to the north east . The satellite tv mount is most likely on the south side of the house and is to low to the ground. If the house is constructed of wood framing with wood or vinyl siding and standard composition shingles and no metal backed insulation , then use a Channel Master CM4010 or TERK HDTVi indoor antenna aimed at about 15 degree magnetic compass , here is how to aim indoor antennas , . If the building is , concrete , concrete blocks , cinder blocks , bricks , metal framing , metal siding , stucko Wire , metal roof , solar panels , metal backed insulation , has trees on the north/north east side of the house , then the tv transmissions will be reduced or blocked. I recommend install a ANT751 antenna above the roof aimed at about 15 degree magnetic compass. Here is how to aim outdor roof top antennas , As an example , here are antenna mounts that do not make holes in the roof , , . HomeDepot may have the ANT751 antenna. Here are places to buy antennas and etc. , , , . Tv signals do not know if you are male or female. I am male,I can Cook,Clean and Sew , repair the vehicles , electrical work , communications wiring , wood work , yard work , gardening , painting , and etc. .

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