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Tv Antennas and Reception

Ok you have easy to receive Tv stations. You will not be needing to receive KETA PBS 13's main signal because Oklahoma has Extensive Repeater Network thru out the state the Oklahoma Educational Television Authority. K36AB 36 PBS is easy to receive. KOCO-TV 7 ABC need not be received because KSWO-DT 11 ABC is easy to receive. . This will be a 2 antenna set up. Antenna #1 , Winegard HD7694P antenna with No preamp aimed at 181 degree magnetic compass. Antenna #2 Antenna Craft U4000 with No preamp aimed at 92 degrees magnetic compass. Here is how to aim antennas , . A separate RG-6U coax will go from each antenna to the Tv location where the separate coaxes will be connected to a Remote Control A/B antenna switch , model number AB27RS or radio shack 15-1968. and the output of the A/B switch is connected to the Tv. . Here are places to buy antennas and ect. , , , ,

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