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Best option for UHF antenna upgrade?

I have a HD7698P facing NYC but I do watch TV from the Philly market too. Using a rotator back and forth is not what I want to do, so the 7698P will stay secure on its low mount facing NYC.

I have an older RadioShack UHF antenna (might be the 15-2162 model) that does a good job of pulling in the Philly (and other channels, see chart) but wonder if replacing it will help me get a better signal, the antenna is probably ~20 yrs old, mounted on the roof the last 10 yrs.

The UHF will go on a rotator with RG8U cable (I have boxes and boxes, bought at 90% off when RS went out of business) and be mounted ~5 foot higher than the one I now have. Looks like Winegard does not have UHF antennas. What choices might I consider, both smaller and larger antennas.

I was able to receive WLVT-DT (Digital), Channel: 39 (39.1) a year ago, now and then. Would like to get it back. FWIW, I can, rarely, receive WLIW ch21 from Long Island, did I say rarely? Any chance I can get the signal more often with the Winegard if I raise it, now at 20'?

Just curious. I never used the 7698P on a rotator or pointed it toward Philly or ch 39. Any chance it might pull in these stations good or is a dedicated UHF antenna my best bet? TIA.
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