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Thanks for the photos.
Not one of my favorite things to do anymore. Guess I lost some nerve as I aged.
I feel the same way.
So basically starting West then moving right towards the South.
Huh? Starting East and moving South?
I'm thinking the beamwidth of the stealthtenna I'm currently using isn't all that wide. So probably might do fine with the Winegard HD7694P at the current location. Thoughts?
I think the beamwidth of the stealthtenna is at least as much as the 7694. There is an inverse relationship between gain and beamwidth. More beamwidth means less gain; more gain means less beamwidth.

Your photos show that you must go higher. You must not extend your mast without guy wires. A good solution, to keep ahead of the tree growth, would be a 5 or 10 ft tripod at the peak installed by a roofer to reduce the chances of leaks from roof penetration by fasteners. An alternative would be a Rohn 25G tower (expensive) somewhere on your property. Another alternative would be a tilt up mast to keep you off the roof or tower.
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