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Originally Posted by rabbit73 View Post
Thanks for the interesting photos. Good analysis. You do have a lot of trees in your most needed direction. I don't see an easy solution. The antenna needs to be where the signals are, and the trees will continue to grow.

An Antennas Direct C2V might look a little better from the street. I wonder if it has enough gain if you can get it high enough.

(I try to limit the width of my photos to 800 pixels. Otherwise the post gets too wide and then the type is too small.)

Wish I had a better answer for you.


Once-upon-a-time, many years ago, there were no trees.

Ha ha ha. Yeah. Several years ago I used to be able to look out my back windows and see the Ohio river. Now it's all jungle. And I think my neighbor actually thinks he is living off the grid somewhere with all the additional trees he is planting. Just going to get tougher in the next few years. So either I will have to put up a tall pole with guy wires or find another home for the tower. Either way I'll have to sacrifice looks for signal.

On another note. The only way I have to measure my signal is with the old HDhomerun Duals that I have or by watching on my tv. Unfortunately I don't have a signal meter on my tv. But I watch WTVW through the HDHR and like I said, I get about 65% signal and I see slight drop outs every few minutes. However, I do not see them near as often directly on the tv.

Thinking the tuners in the HDHR are old and weak, I contacted Silicondust and asked about the tuner difference in my old model and the newer models. They told me the new models have better tuners and I should see better results.

They backed this claim up by offering me a deep discount for the new model. So I gave it some thought for a few days and decided I would try the new model. When I said I wanted to buy 2 of them, I was told they were low on stock and couldn't get them to me yet. So they actually offered to send me 2 refurb units at no charge. Then said when the new units are back in stock I can buy the new unit or just keep the refurb units.

Now that's customer service.

73's to you too rabbit
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