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I want to install an antenna that will give the best possible image.
With digital, as long as the signal quality is "good enough", image quality is perfect. Fellow forum member rabbit73 has provided this graphic that illustrates this behavior.

That digital cliff is very pronounced, it usually only takes a drop in 2 or 3 dB in either signal power or SNR at the cliff edge to kick your reception off the plateau and into the abyss.

The signal analysis software cannot know about or simulate the effects of trees or buildings, so it's important that they be recognized as potential problem causers and be avoid as much as possible.

Your only shot at finding either Antennacraft antenna model in a retail store is likely going to be a surviving Radio Shack store (if there are any near you) or an independent dealer and their inventory is going to be hit and (mostly) miss when it comes to the outdoor antennas. You can, however, find our ClearStream 2V in just about every Walmart and Best Buy store.
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