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Hi Tim,

The fact you have an existing antenna mount on your chimney is cake. I'd absolutely repurpose it for a TV aerial. Rabbit73 makes excellent comments about trees. On your roof is the direction of SSW blocked by trees or structures?

If you have a clear shot to the SSW, the HBU11 is the way to go. If you have some blockage, I might go with the more rubust C290.

RE: Coax directly to your TV from the antenna. Yes! It is done all the time. Often when folks have more complicated installations that include multiple antennas and/or numerous TVs being fed by the single antenna, additional approaches have to be integrated. In your case, one TV, plentiful signal strength on paper - you are a excellent candidate for being able to run a single lead from the antenna straight to your TV and have reception success.

RE: "dialing it in." Often a 10 dollar compass will work fine. What I did further is I printed out my TV fool map, then outside I orientated the paper with north and "ballparked" it. Some use apps, it's really all up to how you decide approach it.

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