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I've never used a kit from him. I have Old homes in Muskegon that I rent out. I rewired them and had leftover aluminum ground wire and a lot of copper just stripped the copper wire the aluminum wire was wound up I had to unwind it.The site above has PDF pages. All the measurements you need to make one and a lot of information on different reflectors how they workit took me a while to decipher which one would work good on VHF hi. I'm really glad I did the CW is one of the better channels I feel. I've really grown to like MeTV yeah I'm real channel 45as well. Mine Is #10 wire 10" Wisker 4"spred-9.5" bay space and roughly1.25 phase lines -two 4 bays connected with 3ohm ribbon wire.reflector is same #10wire laid out between half-inch PVC roughly 1 inch apart laterally
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