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maybe this will have an attachment of the above link this one is sitting on my deck attached to my facia. Hope this works I'm having a hard time attaching pictures to this form. This antenna is the one I'm actually using now on three of my TVs I just added the long ugly wires sticking out on the reflector the other day to see if it would improve channel 44 it had no difference on channel 44 but ironically I'm picking up 9.1 and 9.2 from behind the antenna I'm still able to watch 44 and I added Real channel 9. Channel 44.3 virtual channel 43.3 ion life watching space cowboys I'm not a Super Bowl person. The above picture is the eight Bay at 40 feet that antenna picks up channel 8 real channel better but it's not working on the UHF as well right now it got hit by tree branches in the fall I had a tree removed that was hanging over it and got quite beat up from the limbs falling. I took it down and put it back together best I could but I think that Balun has moisture in it works well when it's dry and not so well when it's wet
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