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Jason l
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Whisker length

hey I just replied to your other post. Yes I've tried 8 inch whiskers 9 inch 9 1/2 and 10"with all the bay spacing a half inch less than whisker length. And I've tried 4 x 4 side to side. The one real noticeable difference is the 10 inch whisker length I've always use reflectors. Real channel 8 would come in sketchy with the 9 1/2 inch whiskers at its best. The 10 inch whiskers have no problem it actually amazed me when I tried it the first time. I actually get channel 44 and 45 which are UHF channels I did not get with the smaller whiskers go figure. In the mclap design he states the further your reflector is away behind your whiskers the better VHF works the cost of some UHF of course. I believe he states up to 14 inches behind the whiskers. I have no need for that far away 4 inches works great for all my channels. with the vertical stack I can pretty much keep the antenna pointed one direction. When I mounted side-by-side some channels were cut short unless I turned antenna slightly than others would be cut short. Not sure why but I hear the side-by-side have a narrower beam width. And the vertical stack have a tighter vertical beam width instead of narrower side to side
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