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Sometimes there are many variables at a particular test location, then combined with equipment variables it takes some time to sort it out.
For my first test, I substituted the LNA-200ís power inserter in the garage for the RCAís and pulled two cables off the HDB8X RCA amp and connected them to the LNA-200 to minimize variables. Of course, with a single input, for the array test I had to add a UVSJ and an additional cable at the amp but used the original array lead-in RG-6.

Have you opened the case of the LNA-200?
No, but I will. The overnight low here was 78 deg. & itís expected to climb to 103 deg. by mid-day. I start to get dizzy if I do a lot of climbing and spend too much time out in that kind of heat. Itís safer for me to wait for this heat wave to break. (Iíd probably be OK but my wife would kill me)

Could you take some detailed photos of the innards?
Will try to take & post. Probably next week.
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