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Originally Posted by Pete Higgins View Post
Two thought provoking posts in a row... Iíve been looking forward to these every Friday.
Thanks Pete. Glad you like.

...Todayís almost sounds like a conclusion...
Maybe close to a conclusion for the long Yagis. Additional work was done for reliability reasons and reduction of losses. Earlier briefly mentioned homebrew: ferrite core baluns, combiner, and preamp.

Probably change topics to some UHF related.

Will soon take a break for a few weeks to go to KY.

I bought one of Winegards new LNA-200ís. It didnít work out nearly as well as I had hoped.
Thanks for your testing the Winegard LNA-200.

Sometimes there are many variables at a particular test location, then combined with equipment variables it takes some time to sort it out.

Have you opened the case of the LNA-200?

Could you take some detailed photos of the innards?
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