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Thanks for the updates!

Originally Posted by MTVhike View Post
a spurious station appears on the azimuth chart: at 339 true
Are you referring to WRGB, channel 6? This is a CBS affiliate broadcasting out of Albany. Lower frequency channels propagate better over long distances which is why a station so far away is able to make it to your location.

what is 7 (on top of 6)?
The table length is limited to a certain number of rows. There are more stations on your radar plot than can be listed in the table. The additional channel numbers you see are for stations that would be even further down on the list.

Also, WCBS appears twice, once at channel 22, and again at channel 33 (virtual 2.1); in addition, there is another CBS channel on 33 (virtual 3.1).
WCBS has applied for, and was granted, a construction permit for a low power digital translator station on channel 22. The permit was granted on June 30, 2009.

WFSB is another CBS affiliate broadcasting from Hartford, CT. Since both WCBS and WFSB transmit on channel 33, there are some spots where neither station can be received due to mutual interference. That is one of the reasons WCBS applied for the channel 22 translator. It will extend WCBS coverage into areas that would otherwise be blocked by WFSB.

several channels do not have virtual channels listed.
All of the information we use comes directly out of the FCC database. Unfortunately, they are missing the virtual channel mapping information for some stations. If anyone is able to submit the correct information to us, we will gladly update our database to include it.

In addition, I would find it very useful if the list could be sortable, and a text version were available.
Thanks for the great suggestions. We'll take it into consideration for future site enhancements.
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