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M4 vs HD8800

Well, my target channels are about 107miles away.

I built an M4 awhile back and compared it to an HD-8800 and they had about similar performance. My RF channels 20 and 22 would get a picture signal every once in a while at that distance.. say 20% uptime.

Then I made another M4, attached it to the first one, to make an M8 (8-bay panel design), and for low UHF, I can now pick up RF 20 and 22 (OMNI and CHAN) about 80-90% of the time... of course the picture goes away during daytime or when it's hot (but I'm at work so I dont miss much), but I can watch these channels most of the time when I get home.

The M8 was designed for low UHF so I can understand why it can't seem to pick high UHF (RF 26 and higher), so in this case I am considering if getting a 91XG will get me these upper channels (and still get RF 20 and 22)... hmm..
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