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The M4 is a very good antenna, when compared to other 4-bay panel style designs. However, it's not surprising that a 4-bay panel antenna would have less gain and or directivity than of a long Yagi style like the 91XG or 10 element H-VHF products from Winegard and Antennacraft.

When you look at the performance graphs of the M4 (image 2 & 3 at http://m4antenna.eastmasonvilleweath...Data/Data.html) neither the UHF or H-VHF performance matches the lager commercial antennas. In particular, the H-VHF performance is modest at best... better than most other 4-bay panel products yes, but not at all comparable to an antenna designed for the H-VHF band.

Also, looking at the polar plots for the M4... I'm quite confident that the directivity of the long Yagi style antennas will offer better multipath rejection than 4 or 8-bay panel antenna designs.

Bottom line: I vote for the 91XG + 10 element H-VHF (with a slight bias toward the Antennacraft product given it's traditional 300Ω feed point).

As an aside, is there any reasonable way to obtain right of way to mount an antenna on the other side of the offending trees? Besides a long coax run, there are theoretical ways to use WiFi or wired Ethernet to back haul one or more DTV signals...


Thanks for your patience
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