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I did the same thing. Here's my experience:

Cable Internet (Comcast): I identified each outlet in the house and matched/labeled each in the box on the side of the garage. I then had Comcast connect to the feed that went to the room where the modem would go. Note: i do not use tv in the room where the modem is.

Next I set up my antenna and took the coax to the box where I attached it to a good splitter to which I attached the outgoing coax leads to the various rooms where I had TV's. I did add an amp (depending on the sigals, coax length, etc., you may or may not need an amp and/or of different boost +12; +18; +24).

Doing it this way I have no interference at all and using my wireless router connect to the TV's (either direct or through something like a Roku).
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