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Originally Posted by ohazco View Post
Hi everyone,

Been a few years but back for more advice.

I am helping a friend in Atlanta figure out his OTA setup over facebook, and ran into something I haven't before. I am used to open terrain with weak signals, he has the inverse. Here is his tvfool:

He has extremely strong signal strength, but due to terrain is all 1Edge and 2Edge on the channels we care about which are the major networks at 186-191 degrees. He is located in a bit of a "hole" and is surrounded by thick trees.

He currently has an unknown brand new-style "hdtv" marketed leaf/blade type indoor antenna but can't get anything consistently in the south-southeast corner of his walkout basement living room (walkout side of the house faces east-southeast). I recommended he set it outside the window at the southeast corner of the house on a chair to see what happens. Doing so he got FOX and NBC perfectly, but ABC and CBS are breaking up. ABC made sense to me but not CBS. A rooftop/tower is not an option so I am suggesting based on this he put a good outdoor antenna on his second story deck facing south. I was thinking something like this
to get good gain on UHF and VHF, and to avoid a preamp, at a reasonable price. I think it would be overkill on level terrain, but figure we need more help with the trees, etc, but I'm not sure if its a good choice for 2edge signals behind trees though, or if there is a better choice for multipath. He's not real savvy on these things and has other people suggesting things like Mohu, so I want to make him a more intelligent, but not an overkill suggestion.

Any suggestions or thoughts are greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
The trees and the 1 and 2 edge signals will be a bit of a challenge.
The Winegard 7694p at Solid Signal is a very good choice. I would suggest a "J" mount as far away as possible from the trees in the 188 degree direction. Keep the RG6 cable as short as possible, under 50 feet. Connect to only one TV at first, adding others, later. The other antennas you mentioned are either junk or not powerful enough in that situation.
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