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His outcome was unsuccessful.....just trying to get hardware that will give me the best chance.
IMHO, I think he was a bit nervous and uncertain about a couple of things that may have stopped him short of success. As the saying goes, he was "close but no cigar."

I didn't know you had already read that thread. I was pointing it out mainly for the antenna recommendations and issues he encountered that might be of help to you in your location. FWIW, I think the antenna he finally chose would have served him well, but he didn't get it up on his roof and take the time to find the "sweet spot" for best reception. It takes effort and time, trail and error and sometimes some folks aren't willing to do that, for whatever reason. You seem to be more motivated in that regard.

The HD Stacker and LNA 200 preamp you mentioned in your first post and Tower Guys' acknowledgement of it, tells me you could go with that and be successful. Tower Guy is a Tech with many years of experience in the industry and over 1100 posts on TV Fool. I would certainly consider well his advice too.

I may have to go knocking on doors and see what they are using and how successful they are at getting the stations that I hope I can get.
That's an excellent, proactive thing to do. I'm sure you'll be able to find a few of your neighbors who are willing to share with you their OTA TV reception and equipment they're using.

Please keep the forum posted regarding your process and keep asking questions when you need help. There are many experienced Techs and others who can certainly give you good advice. I will be following your progress as you continue to post and will give you my 2 cents worth.....

All the best.....

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