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Rca ant751

Well, not knowing his handle here on TV Fool, it would be easy for me to miss his postings, kennylive. I would have thought he might have been interested in chiming in on this thread. It would have been interesting and helpful to have his input.

Not sure why the all the hush-hush about the gain of the 751. I found a couple of postings on the Net of about a "5" gain front to back average for both VHF/UHF. I even asked RCA Tech on their website and they gave me answers about everything else I asked for, but nothing regarding gain. Maybe rabbit73 will have some information. Actually, I just remember AdTech did some field testing with interesting results on this thread regarding gain. Yes, I see looking back now he sure did. So, there you go.

Anyway, Denny does indeed have an interesting website but pricey as you say.

Thanks for the reply kennylive. I just wish Denny would have replied to my email to him. But I understand my RCA751 here much more than when I first put it up. Its proven itself across the country in various, but usually moderate to stronger signal areas. Price to performance is good and sales show it so. Too bad about its most recent revision. Not quite as good. But I'm sure you read through this thread about that issue.
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