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Wind Load is not a concern because this is a temporary setup and if it gets windy I will just take it down but weight is a concern. I am using a pneumatic 30' Clark Mast and its limited to 20 lbs. Each antenna is 6.5 lbs. The bad news for me is I need to get Channel 2 and Channel 3 so per Tower Guy that's 8.5 feet separation. To go horizontal Clark has a 1 meter T-bar.

This bar would get the antennas only 1 Meter apart and one antenna would only be 8" above the other. Its about 160 degrees direction difference but a mere 1 meter horizontal and 8" vertical separation doesn't sound like it will prevent issues. If I only care about one Channel on each antenna would a notch filter or other device allow closer mounting?

Thank you for the advice.
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