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Originally Posted by GroundUrMast View Post
I'd opt for an outdoor mounted pair of antennas such as an Antennas Direct DB4E and Antennacraft Y5713. I'd do all that I could to avoid aiming trough trees and structure(s).

If you are unable or unwilling to consider any option other than attic mounting, and you can only consider a single antenna, then I'd suggest trying the Antennacraft HBU-33. If your attic turns out to be a poor reception location, the HBU-33 can be re-folded and moved outdoors.

If driving a single tuner trough 50' of coax, no preamp should be needed.
Since my last posting, my wife has encouraged me to explore a rooftop mounted antenna. What would your ideal choice be for this application if I elected to do a rooftop antenna but only wanted to one antenna for both UHF & VHF stations? Would you still recommend the Antennacraft HBU-33?
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