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Help with Antenna Selection - SW Michigan

Help with Antenna Selection - SW Michigan

TV Fool comrades!

I'm setting up an attic antenna to pickup channels in the South Haven, Michigan area - transmitters are 30-40 miles away. The best I can do is an attic antenna directed to the northeast. I will have some tree foilage in my way but not too bad. I will be elated if I can pick up basic networks - ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, WTTW and FOX. I tried a table-top Mohu style antenna and could only pick up 3 or 4 channels and only one HD network channel.

I need a recommendation for an antenna and a pre-amp/amplifier. The antenna needs to pick up UHF and VHF channels - I really prefer one antenna to do both if possible due to space restrictions. The amplifier will need to be plugged-in at the TV location (not in the attic) because I do not have power in the attic. The coax run between the antenna and the TV is about 50-feet.

Here is the TV Signal Analysis:

Thank you!!!

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