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Installed first antenna, reception is hit or miss


I recently cut my tv subscription and decided to install an antenna. I installed a RCA ANT751 antenna on my roof about 15 feet high. I also installed a RCA TVPRAMP1R Preamplifier right next to the antenna. My cable then runs about 100 ft to my tv.

Some of the channels come in very clear with a strong signal such as channel KGO (7.1) and KNTV (11.1). KTVU (2.1) is also pretty good.

My main issue is channel KPIX (5.1). One night the signal was watchable, other than that the signal is usually very weak or non existent.

I have my antenna pointed at 301 degrees. Any Advice for me? Seems that many of the channels come from Sutro Tower so i'mnot sure why 5.1 would be weaker than the others.
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