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Ok not sure anyone is reading this thread anymore, but if anyone is I have a question to ask that someone I'm sure has already asked. So I'm in an area where in order to get a station I want my report say's I need to take "extreme" measures. Now I know that's not totally true since I was able to pick up this channel using the clearstream 2V from Antennas Direct. The station is KTMF-DT which is my local ABC/FOX station. So my idea is trying to stack two Winegard HD-9023 UHF Prostar 1000's. I know GroundurMast recommended the Antenna's Direct 91XG, but doing some research shows the winegard is just as good for channels under 30, and where I live the highest channel is 23. My thinking is if I take two winegards at $30.00 a piece I get a signal increase of at least 3db at a cost of $60.00 total VS $100.00 for the 91XG. Does anyone have any thoughts, or reasons why my thinking is flawed in this situation? Still living this AntennaCraft Y10713, it's so slick and light. I just wish I had never wasted the $60.00 I spend on that RCA ANT751, considering I spend half that on the Y10713 and it out preforms by miles. Oh and if it's needed again here is my tvfool report
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