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I don't think you're a pest.

If the signals are stable/reliable, and you have no need to run more cable, why add an amplifier at all?

If you plan to add more TVs to your system or change the location of your TV so that more cable is needed, then a preamp may be in order.

If you truly need a preamp due to existing or future cable & splitting losses and are going to stick with one antenna, then opt for the PA-18 which is an excellent weak signal amplifier with very good noise specifications.

If you plan on building a two antenna system such as the DB4e and Y10713, then use a TVPRAMP1R.

Based on the combination of the information in your TV Fool report and your on-site reports, should I move in next door, you'd see my DB4e, Y10713 and TVPRAMP1R hoisted proudly up the mast.
Well I am thinking future here but here's the thing right now I'm only on 1 tv with my system and want to add a tv, the only issue is I'm with DISH rather then directv and the Hopper can only add one OAT Tuner that can show on both tv's but you must watch the same channel so I may later add that other line for the other tv for independent viewing. Until then my line is actually too long, it's about 40 feet long but I only need 25 feet. Do you think I should shorten it? I'm still planning on going to the two antenna set up so I did order a replacement TVPRAMP1R to have on hand when I can afford to get both the DB4e and the Y10713. I plan on getting the Y10713 first since it's cheaper and using the RCA-ANT751 until I can swing the DB4e. Thanks for the help I really to appreciate it. I could live with just the locals from Dish if if wasn't for the sub-channels they don't carry.
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