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Originally Posted by Damon459 View Post
Ok so I posted on here before and got some help and advise but I need to update the issue's and current setup. I'm currently using a rca ant751 while I wait on a replacement antenna. I was using the rca tvpramp1r and found it was actually lowering my signals according to the tv's on screen meter, so I removed it at returned it. When I say lowered the signal I actually lost all signal to KPAX-DT and dropped the signal on K14IUD from 75-80 to 60-65. Currently I'm receiving a signal of 52 on KPAXDT and 75 on K14IUD, and an intermittent signal of 15 on KUFMTV. The Antenna is actually pointed at 180 rather then the tv fool recommended 314, because when pointed at 314 I receive nothing at all regardless of height of the antenna. I even tried going 30 feet up as nothing, but when pointed at 180 I get the channels mentioned. I did a radar plot using interactive coverage map and even was able to put the pointer right were the antenna is mounted on the house. So I would like anyone willing to help to look over this and help me with a selection of the best antenna/preamp for my situation. I would "ideally" like to receive KPAX-DT, K14IU-D, and KUFM-TV, I found KTMF-DT to be possible occasionally with a Clearstream 2 pointed at roughly 258 degree's and and "pointed" at a 45 degree angle, this channel isn't mandator but would be "nice". Not sure if it's possible to link the Interactive TV Coverage Browser but my coordinates are 46.883643,-113.888187, and based on lots of checking found the antenna needs to be lower rather then higher do to the deep valley I'm in. I forgot to add contrary to TV Fool K14IU-D I actually have line of sight, IE I can look out my door and clearly see the tower, you can even pick it up with cheap rabbit ears, though the signal is usually only around 45-50. Also if it makes any difference when it comes to signals I'm in a trailer park.
Your actual experience with K14IU-D suggests a UHF antenna smaller than the 91XG may suffice. I still prefer the 91XG for it's ability to tilt (a unique feature designed into the mast-to-boom clamp mechanism. However the Gain of the Antennas Direct DB4e would be on par with the 91XG at that frequency... And it's much more compact than the 91XG. (I own one of each and would not want to part with either.)

That leaves the signals in the range of real CH-7 through 13. The Antennacraft Y10713 is the 'big gun' in that band of frequencies.

I suspect the RCA preamp you got may have had a problem, I've head reports of low quality switches that select combiner and trap configuration. Try the Antennas Direct PA-18 and an external UHF/VHF combiner such as the Antennas Direct EU385CF.

This two antenna approach let's you aim the two antennas independently, a very helpful 'plus' in your situation.
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