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I have never heard of the DAT-75 although if the 91XG held its own or performed better I guess it doesnít matter. I compared my new 91XG to my ~40 year old CM-4228 last year and with two exceptions couldnít tell any real difference. The 91XG did real well with CBS channel 43 (2.1) which TV Fool lists @ -112.4 dBm but had trouble with NBC channel 36 (4.1) which TV Fool lists @ -107.4 dBm. My CM-4228, and now my HDB-8X as well, almost always get channel 36 (4.1) but very rarely can get channel 43 (2.1). I even tried swapping the 91XG from the tower to the pushup mast and putting the CM-4228 on the tower with the same result. One of the reasons I tried the HDB-8X was to see if the differences in design would improve reception of channel 43. Other than the two channels mentioned I havenít been able to find any significant difference between the three UHF antennas in terms of SNRís delivered to my tuners. I donít have a way to measure and graph signal strengths. My Samsung TV has a signal strength indicating bar graph, but sometimes one bar can give me a solid signal lock to watch and at others 3-4 bars can result in a picture that pixelates and freezes (i.e. one bar with a moderate SNR works better than 4 bars with a poor SNR).
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