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Ok guy's sorry I took too much faith in the "expert" at solid signal, that's why I posted it here to see if anyone agreed. I'm no expert in Antenna's and I won't claim to be one, which is why I depend on the people of this forum to save me from buying another antenna that will just disappoint me. I've decided to go with the Winegard HD 7698 as suggested. As for using an A/B switch I don't think it will be an issue, I've had my current antenna go funny and the tv had no issue remembering the channels it already had. I'm hoping the same will prove true the OTA tuner for my DishHopper so that I can record, if not I'll have to see if my tv will play nice with an external HD for a PVR setup. Thanks to everyone for the help and advise, I will post my success when the new antenna is up and running.
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