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Originally Posted by GroundUrMast View Post
Is there a reliable way to distinguish the new design from the old? I would hope the model number would have changed so that old stock could not be passed off as equal to the new improved design.
It is printed right on the label of the amplifier module. Just slide the cover open and take a peek.

The old ones were actually testing far better that the published 2.8 dB NF. A few tweaks (very few) were made for a different issue and it improved overall performance including NF, hence the change in published spec.

FWIW, it's my opinion that, by the time you get to small (< 1 or 2 dB) dB differences in NF values on the pre-amp making a difference in reception, you're so close to the "ragged edge" that it's not much of a real performance difference when you actually hang metal in the air. If you're that close to the edge, atmospherics are still likely to push you off the cliff when things go bad. But, a little extra sliver of margin isn't a bad thing out in the deep fringe.
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