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Larry Kenney
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SF Bay Area Corrections

I've been using and promoting TVFool for ages, but I just found the forum yesterday. You'll be seeing me here frequently now.

I wanted to let you know that there are three stations listed for the San Francisco Bay Area as being on the air, but they're not. Two stations, KQRM-LP, analog 2, and KTVJ-LP, digital 3, on Mt. Tamalpais have not yet come on the air. We were told that they'd be on the air last November (2009), but have yet to show up.

KAXT-CA, analog channel 22, went off the air several months ago. KAXT digital is on RF channel 42, virtual channel 1, and doing well with it's 12.2 kW.

Everything else looks fine. Thanks for the excellent service you provide!

Larry Kenney
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