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Attic Install in Houston


Hoping anyone can help ~

I live about 22 miles east of the antenna farm in Houston, Texas and want to do an antenna install in my attic over my garage (homeowner rules discourage the use of visible outdoor antenna's). The direct LOS from the attic to the antennas is pointed toward the roof vent in my attic, so the signal will not have to go through any of the roofing materials, just through the vinyl siding on the west side of the house.

Here are my signal analysis results:

I have been looking at the Winegard HD7696P and possibly a preamp to go with it. I am not sure if this antenna is a good choice or maybe even one of the other Winegard HD769xP series antennas. I am also open to separate VHF and UHF antennas and using a combiner if that would get me a better signal.

My space is of course limited since the antenna will be installed in the attic. I have an area about 10 feet long by 12 feet wide to work with, but because if the rafters I only have about 5 feet of usable width if I mount the antenna 3 feet off of the floor.

I currently will only hook-up one TV to the antenna, but plan on adding 1 or 2 more TV's in the future.

Any advice and help selecting an antenna would be greatly appreciated!


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