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I do mostly want the Knoxville channels. There is one station a bit further out (I think it is 20). I pam not 100% sure what channels the stations I want broadcast on. I only know them by the station numbers. I am trying to learn a bit about how things work so I can get the best antenna fir my needs, but am not very educated about how all the OTA works. Here is my rabbit ears report:

I am also posting a picture of a screenshot from the FCC website. This shows the channels I have been getting (I crossed out the one I have not been getting that says it is a lo-v). I am happy with just these channels (although more is slways better). The top 2 channels I lost about 2 weeks ago after a piece broke off my antenna. I want those 2 channels back. The last 2 channels on the picture are channels that I can sometimes get and sometimes not get. If I don't get them, it is no big loss. I really just want what to keep what I have and get the 2 channels I lost back. If I can also upgrade my antenna a bit (without spending g hundreds) and get better reception and/or a few more channels, that would be great. But as long as I can get the channels back that I lost, I will be happy. Thank you for your help.
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