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Did you have a CM4VJ ?

Originally Posted by KoolBreeze View Post
I put the HD7694P up in the attic today. The great news is that it gets a much stronger VHF signal than the Clearstream 4MAX and it seems to have fixed the problem channels. In fact, it's at 9 out of 10 bars on the TV's meter unamplified. With the pre-amp and distribution amp in the loop, it pegs the meter. The picture is great too, no pixelation or freezing thus far.

The bad news is that I lost 8 channels that are in the opposite direction, e.g. behind it. But that's ok, I don't watch those anyway and the goal was to fox the main networks, which it did.

Thanks again for the suggestion.
Thanks for your follow-up, I kind of missed your reception question but it seems like you got it solved rather quickly.

So you must have had the C4MVJ antenna which is a version of the C4MAX. It has no reflector but does have a VHF element which is pretty weak. I'm thinking that's what you had because you lost the other Market when you put the highly directional Winegard up.

I experimented with the C4MVJ because I was looking for one antenna solution for two markets myself. In the end I took them down because the VHF was just too weak. And because it was a bi-directional antenna it sacrifices strength in one direction for reception in two directions. That's because it doesn't have a reflector.
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