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Originally Posted by RMinNJ View Post
Im a novice...will be starting up my antenna project this spring as soon as all the leaves are on the trees.

My home is surround by trees.. the antennas i tried did not do well in the attic at all... I think I got one station temporarily. So I know I need to be outside.

That said, yeah..if you're getting other stations in your attic..I didnt think the clearstream was the best VHF antenna.. Perhaps you could try another combo antenna as an experiment such as the HD7694P which would have the same length as the HD stacker but not the height.. It has much more vhf gain and it hits the udf gain of the clearstream at some frequencies.
Thank you! That looks like it may be just the ticket. I had overlooked it due to the 45 mile rating I guess. Didn't notice that the specs claim it has more gain than the Clearstream 5 on VHF, which is where I having issues. It's also cheaper than both the clearstream & the HD Stacker. Plus I think it will fit pretty well. I'll give it a shot.
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