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Opions on what to try next

Iíd like to get some input/opinions on how to improve my reception. My rabbitears study is at:

My current setup is a Clearstream 4MAX installed in my attic at about 25í above grade. The roof is OSB decking with asphalt shingles. It is connected to a Channel Master CM-7778HD pre-amp set to high gain, which is connected to a Channel Master CM-3418 distribution amp. Six of the eight ports on the distribution amp are in use feeding 5 TVs and a Tablo Quad DVR (4 tuners).

On my Samsung TVís signal meter, I get 7-8 bars out of 10 on the UHF channels (CBS & Fox) when unamplified and 10 bars when the amps are in the loop. No problems on the TVs, however I do get some occasional pixelating on the Tablo, depending upon conditions. Iím guessing thatís because of the Tabloís 4 tuners splitting the signal.

The VHF channels (NBC & ABC) are where the problem is. On the TV meter, I get 3-4 bars unamplified and 4-5 amplified. Using the TV tuners, I get pixilation and momentary freezes regularly but itís not unwatchable, just annoying. On the Tablo, the pixilation & freezing is every 30-60 seconds at times, which is very annoying.

Iím considering adding a Clearstream 5 for VHF and combining it with the 4MAX temporarily to see it if solves the problems on VHF. If it does, then Iíd likely switch out the 4MAX for something like the UHF only DB4e.

Iím also considering trying to fit something like the Denny HD Stacker in the attic instead. But Iím not sure if that is a better option or not. But it will be a very tight fit due to the framing supports. I can probably get it to fit but there is really only 1 spot for it, which is in the same area the 4MAX is currently, but there wonít be room to rotate it much. I wouldnít think Iíd need to rotate it though once it is set.

The other option is to go outside with something more traditional (or even the HD Stacker) mounted on a pole. One problem with that is that there is a big oak tree in the line of sight regardless of where I put the antenna, unless I move it away from the house or put it on a tall tower. I tried the 4MAX outside in several locations around the house at height of about 15 feet and actually get better reception with it where it is in the attic. So Iím guessing that spot just happens to be able to peak through the oak tree a little better.

Thanks for the help and suggestions.
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