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Those "wings" -- and which way they should point..

Originally Posted by bobsgarage View Post
Also, I noticed that these little "wings" were not symmetrical, I believe the wind has moved them. They will adjust, Rivets are not too tight.

What are they? FM antennas?

At any rate should the be adjusted perpendicular to the boom, or how?

Thanks again!

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I have a newer AntennaCraft beast (made just before RS went under) and I had the same issue with those "wings". All the info around made it clear that they should be parallel with the main boom ... but none of the diagrams or instructions indicated whether they should be pointed "forward" (reaching out over the UHF parasitic elements) or "backward" (reaching toward the mast and the enter of the reflectors.

After only about 45 minutes, I found a couple of pictures that show those little wings pointed forward, and found no pictures showing the other direction. So...either that's correct or "everyone gets it wrong", including me.
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