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Originally Posted by mikmaze View Post
my setup currently has the antenna on a simple pipe, not guy wired. Does it look like it would be worth going up another 10 or 15 feet and guy wiring for a clearer shot at cleaner signal? I have messed with the settings on the height field in rabbit and see improvement, just not sure how much it would help.
Hi Mikmaze,

I'm not much of a tech guy, I'm usually the one asking the questions but I have gained some experience over the years. In your case I would definitely try to go higher. I have several ideas on masts and Guy wires. I will call mine a poor man's Tower, if you're interested, I can get you some ideas on that.

At any rate these guys on TVFool are the best in the business. Your conversation has attracted some good Minds here. I like the suggestion of the DB4e for the wider reception area. From what I understand four bays are very good when your transmitters are separated.

If you're willing to go up higher with your Mast maybe you could consider ganging/stacking two antennas.

Maybe stacking 2DB4e's ? I'll keep an eye on this thread.

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