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Originally Posted by jp2code View Post
That means the channel search doesn't find it, and I have to push in 7.1 on the remote to see a bunch of static.

EDIT: Actually, it isn't static. People on here are too literal. The TV says there is no signal.
Can you run a brand new piece of coax up to the vhf antenna in the attic, and hook it directly to the vhf antenna only? Bypassing the UVSJ, and anything else.

Since it's on RF7, which is very susceptible to electrical interference and the like, perhaps that storm that caused it to go out actually damaged one of your power bricks, or some other device in your house. That might cause that device to still work yet jam the signal from this channel. I had this happen at my house, and a Dell laptop power brick in my living room, and also a Harbor Freight battery charger in my garage both were jamming my only VHF channel.

OR, did you around the same time install some new LED light bulbs, or a battery charger or the like? If so, try unplugging them one at a time, and see if the channel comes back.

As for "people on here being too literal", we have to be detectives, and since we don't get nearly enough useful info given to us up front, have to ask a LOT of questions hoping to get a reply that gives us an "Ah HA!" moment. There's so many different things that can be happening here, simply saying "it no longer works" tells us almost nothing useful.

Short of all that, I'd suggest buying the larger Stellar Labs VHF antenna, and replacing the old one.

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