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The DB4e has two UHF elements while the 2V has 2 UHF elements. The DB4e is more comparable to the ClearStream 4V. The DB4e and the 4V have about 12 dBi gain on UHF while the 2V has about 9 dbi gain.

I think the extra gain from the DB4e or the 4V would be advantageous based on your distance from the stations. The 2V and the 4V also have a VHF element, but if you are going for reception of the Fort Myers area stations you wouldn't need it since there are no VHF stations in that market.

The 2V may perform very well in your area. You could always buy from someone that allows returns, try it out and see. If reception is not up to par, then you could return it and get one of the bigger antennas.
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