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I think that you have several choices.

Aim your existing antenna at Macon and live with a few Augusta stations that happen to work off the back of the antenna.

Aim your existing antenna at Augusta and live with any stations that can be received from Macon.

Get a Clearstream 2MAX and take advantage if itís bidirectional pattern to pick up both Macon and Augusta on UHF and live with whatever VHF stations are picked up with the simple VHF dipole.

Add your existing antenna to the 2MAX using a UVSJ. Aim the HD-7698P at whichever VHF station is most important to you. The UHF signals from the 7698 will be eliminated by the UVSJ.

Use a TVPRAMP-1R to add the 2MAX and the 7698 together. The 2MAX would be connected to the UHF input and the 7698 would be connected to the VHF input.

You also gave the option of picking up PBS on low band channel 6. You would need a third antenna and a HLSJ for that channel.

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