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Originally Posted by Brokenspoke View Post
I have a 40 ft tower that once had Ham antenna installed, I have a bucket truck and all the means to install so here we go.

My question is probably like an oil thread over on the hot rod forums but I would like advice on antenna, booster, and antenna rotor. I have looked and researched and almost pulled the trigger a couple times.

Best to Everyone, Tony
Hello, Tony

I agree with GroundUrMast on the antenna and preamp.

Here is a report from which should have a more accurate list of channels:

If you stick with Atlanta, you shouldn't need a rotor. If you do decide on a rotor, the older Channel Master CM-9521a rotors didn't hold up for long, but the newer 9521HD rotors are getting better reviews.

If you want a heavier duty rotor for the big HD7698P antenna, I suggest the Yaesu G450A, which is a ham rotator.
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