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Antenna Recomendations

Hello everyone and thanks up front for any help. Moved here about 25 year ago and had a antenna mounted on a short mast attached to the Chimney maybe 25 feet above the ground. We could get maybe 8 or 10 Atlanta stations and a few from Macon some days Columbus and South Carolina, flat headed over that way.

We eventually installed Hughes Satellite Direct Duo for internet and TV nothing else available here. Then came DSL and Direct TV now ATT Fixed wireless and some streaming.I think we are going to use streaming and antenna now prices are outrageous.

I have a 40 ft tower that once had Ham antenna installed, I have a bucket truck and all the means to install so here we go.

My question is probably like an oil thread over on the hot rod forums but I would like advice on antenna, booster, and antenna rotor. I have looked and researched and almost pulled the trigger a couple times.

I have looked at several Channel Masters, Winegard and Denny's HD Stacker.

I know there is much knowledge here so again thanks for any and all advice.

Best to Everyone, Tony
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