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Originally Posted by ADTech View Post
You can do the same thing with a C4V. For either model, you'd' still have to mount the VHF dipole separately to the mast so you would also need a taller mast. I've suggested these two models since omitting the reflector is all that's necessary to make the antenna bi-directional.

If I was doing it for myself, I'd use the DB4e as the basis and remove it's reflectors even though that involves drilling out several rivets. It's still a lot more performance for a lower price, it's just that the Db4e isn't sold in retail stores since it's so much larger than the compact ClearStream models. You can easily pick up one of the ClearStream antennas at a local store same day.
Time is not an issue, but value is and the DB4E looks to be the better value. Hell, Amazon can have that antenna here tomorrow if need be.

I was going to suggest a slightly taller mast anyhow, to get the antenna up above the chimney, and just to get a small advantage on the trees..

Another thing, with the reflector removed, there would appear to be less wind drag than his VU120XR. With the chimney mount, that's important.

When I spoke with him, he doesn't want a rotator, so a multi-directional antenna is what he needs. Plus, rescanning every time you change markets is not cool either.

The only VHF Hi channels are real 12 (2.1) in Chicago and real 8 (10.1-10.4) in Milwaukee. Will the DB4 antenna pick those up?

Thanks, Bob
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