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Need some help in Denver

Thanks for your expert advice. Here are some comments to your suggestions, and an overnight update.

First, I initially selected the FlatWave and Futura antennas specifically for their appearance, unaware until later that they were amplified (and ignorant of how that might affect the situation). We live in an HOA-controlled community where outdoor antennas are prohibited, and while I realize that FCC rules protect our ability to install an antenna, I was hoping to avoid the battle - even one I would eventually win - by choosing models that didn't scream "TV antenna." Then, when I got on the roof to install them, I realized just how prominent some tall buildings and trees (yet to leaf out) were in the LOS between the transmitters and our home, and felt I might need some amplification to gather and push a decent signal to multiple TVs.

Second, remember that TV #5, the farthest downstream, has a built in signal strength meter that was indicating low signal strength for various channels as I experimented with different combinations of equipment - and I naturally took that at face value in assessing the problem; with the TV saying it was getting weak signals, I had no reason to consider just the opposite - overamplification - as perhaps the problem, but maybe the TV doesn't really know the difference, and calls any bad signal "weak," even if it's bad because it is too strong.

Third, it's been the lack of consistency that has been so perplexing - KUSA's signal is "strong" (according to the set's meter) in one configuration of equipment, and the signal is absent (Weak? Too strong?) in another - for no apparent logical reason. The signal delivered to one freestanding TV is fine on all channels, but simply unscrew the cable from that TV and attach it to a different set and the signal becomes "weak"...THAT'S frustrating.

So, I was ready to purchase your recommended antenna and start the process over, but decided to do yet one more channel scan on TV 5, the problem child (which I'd already scanned several times), and returned that set to its place at the end of the string of five sets (disconnecting it from its dedicated antenna)...and now, overamped signal or not, it is receiving ALL available channels, including some I didn't know (or care) existed....and the TV's strength meter shows all of them are coming in at either four or five bars (out of five). This is exciting, of course, although without an obvious reason for what might have changed overnight, I'm being a bit restrained in celebrating - and with the return deadline for the FlatWave purchase approaching, I'm hoping that IF this good fortune doesn't last, it happens quickly. Thanks again for your help...if things deteriorate again I may be back...
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