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The Tv signal strengths from Lookout Mountain are Very Strong Signal Strength at your reception location.

Do not use any type or kind of amplifier , not built in , not add on , not preamp , not distribution amp , no type or kind.

Install a , , HBU11K antenna that comes with a J pole type mount.

Install the HBU11K antenna outside at a location that is up high and has a good unobstructed view of Lookout Mountain.

As a Test to prove reception.

Connect a New continues length of coax to the matching transformer of the the HBU11/K antenna and run the New continues length of coax through a open door or window direct to each Tv , One at a time.


Digital Tuners can develop -Digital Glitches-that are not cleared out with simple channel scans.

To clear tuner of each Tv do Double Rescan.


What is reception of each Tv like now??

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