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Hello Mike4565,

My first thought is your choice of Winegard FL6500A FlatWave. Specifically, the amplified antenna itself. You have very good signal. Amplifying strong signals can degrade reception. If I am reading your post correctly, you are double amplifying and using a distribution amp as well. Think of too much power and the tuner overloads. This can explain why #5 no matter what doesn't like KUSA. Different tuners have different quirks. You are correct the most distant TV will have the least amount of signal. Your distribution amp should at least offset a good portion of that. The fact with #5 patched into the antenna directly shows me it's a potential overload situation for that specific tuner.

I would not put any preamp or amplification on your antenna servicing TV #2 - 5. I would go further and remove the flatwave and purchase an Antennacraft HBU11 and mount in it's place. Orientate to magnetic 273. Then from there, connect antenna to distribution amplifier and run to all your TVs.

I don't like these cell phone panel type antennas. I'm not convinced they are improvement in signal gathering capability of older designs and second, their VHF (which KUSA broadcasts on) is only marginally supported. An antenna that is designed for high-VHF support will yield you better signal on KUSA and KGMH.

Get yourself an old fashioned aluminum antenna like the HBU11 and I think these issues will resolve themselves.
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